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Dry Ice



There is a major shortage of CO2 in The United States. CO2 is what creates Dry Ice. So we suggest if you are looking for Dry Ice on a specific time and date to order it ahead online here or in store. 

Please note there is a temporary shortage on Dry Ice and J & J Will Not Have Any In Stock Until Either Late June 30 or July 1


So Please Do Not Place Any Orders Until Checking With J & J First. 


If you have any questions please email or contact us .


  Pricing On Dry Ice

5lb Minimum .........$3.99lb = $19.95

25lbs .....................$3.59lb

50lbs + ..................$2.85lb


 After 5 lbs you can purchase in 1lb in increments.

Price is per pound. For example if you order our minimum of 5lbs your cost would be

$3.99 x 5 = $19.95.


Dry Ice is for in store sales only. We do not ship dry ice.


We want you to get the most out of your Dry Ice. Keep in mind that 5lbs of Dry Ice Pellets will last roughly 10-12 hrs in a well insulated container. If not using an insulated container, you Dry Ice will see a substantial evaporation. In conditions where Dry Ice is not in an insulated cooler and in warm temperatures, 5lbs of Dry Ice Pellets could last as little as a couple of hours.

 Dry Ice will last longer than 10-12 hours when purchasing larger quantities but there is no exact science to that.


Dry Ice is great for flash freezing garden vegetables and foods. Locks in the taste.

Great to use to keep punch bowls cold (use cheesecloth to hold ice)

Great to use when camping or fishing.

*Price is subject to change without notice due to increases in raw materials. No refunds on any Dry Ice order prepaid for or purchased