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Helium Rental Tanks


* Please note due to the ongoing Helium shortage and the issues in Russia prices are rising at a rapid place along with even more shortages. So until further notice we are limited on some of our helium tanks. We ask that prior to you placing an order you contact us so we can confirm we can honor your rental. If you place an order without a confirmation and we can not supply you, we do have to charge you a processing fee for us to return your deposit which is $25. This takes care of the credit card and processing fees we are charged. This only pertains to orders we can not supply. If you place an order and cancel, you will not receive a refund. All rentals are non-refundable.                                                                                                                                                      


Helium Tank Rental Information

20 cu Tank............$99.99    Fills Approx 40-11"

40cu Tank ............$179.99   Fills Approx 75-11"

60 cu Tank ...........$239.99    Fills Approx 110-11"

110 cu Tank ......... $299.99  Fills Approx 220-11"

220 cu Tank ......... $479.99  Fills Approx 440-11"


* Please note then you are comparing leasing our helium tanks to purchasing a disposable helium tank, the mixture of helium and air in both tanks is significantly different. Typically throw away tanks have a 50/50 mixture. Our helium runs approximately 70/30. This makes a difference in flying time on balloons.



Helium Tank Rental Period : 4 Days

Security Deposit : Must be left at time of pick up in the form of a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover). We will not accept 3rd party credit cards for any kind of payment or deposit.

Other Information : You must be 18 years or older to rent a helium tank. The individual picking up the helium tank is the responsible party so they must have a valid New Hampshire or Mass drivers license in their name along with a credit card in their name for the security deposit.

*There is no credit for any unused helium.

These rentals are for Pick Up Only at our Amherst New Hampshire location.


We also sell disposable Helium Tanks. (see below)

Disposable Helium Tanks Also Are For Pick Up Only.


Disposable Helium Tank




*Please note due to the constant changing of prices on raw materials we can not always keep prices on the web as current as we would like. If you want to make sure on the price of any item before purchasing please call us first to verify price.